Here you will find the index to technical details: gear, workflow, and using this website, which is explained on this page. The list of other pages is found below and on the submenus.

The best way of seeing this site is on a large screen and preferably with high resolution. The photo’s have generally been framed to a 16:9 size with UHD/4K (3840×2160 pixels) resolution. The home screen shows an index to ‘posts’, each of which present a trip or theme, some collection of photo’s that somehow fit together, in time, space, idea or subject. Clicking on one of those items on the home page will take you to the post itself, which really is a short introduction to the background of a series of photo’s. In the post there will be a link (usually a strip of thumbnails at the top) to a light box of images. 

In the old days a light box was a simple box on which you could place some slides for selecting, on the computer it is a bunch of pictures on the screen in any size you like (using your browser’s zoom in/out function). When you click on any of the pictures you will get into a slideshow (also called gallery), with on the top right some buttons that are explained above (in some cases the light box is skipped and you get directly into the slideshow). A slideshow should present typically well under 50 slides, which I consider the ultimate limit of a slideshow. In the old days, when I was young, people would invite friends to come and see a slideshow of their latest voyage. A screen would be set up (or just a white wall), lights out and the magic lantern would start humming. Some people would show several hundreds of pictures and the maker would start every explanation with the words “this is…”. “This is Muriel standing in front of the Mont Blanc”, “This is Joseph in front of the Aiguilles”, “This our daughter Daisy in front of our chalet” etc. Horrific experiences that we would sometimes be subjected to. Even in those days the general advice was never to show more than 100 slides. In the age of zapping I doubt people will want to see more than 25-30 slides.

In the screenshot above you see some ways you can handle the gallery; of particular interest is the fullscreen button. By the way, there are two different types of galleries, with slightly different buttons and displays. Some galleries are gathered in ALBUMS, which you find as submenus under the home menu (on mobile devices press the plus in front of the menu).

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