I am not a professional photographer. Nor am I an art historian. What I am presenting here is a selection of pictures I have been taking since the late nineteen-nineties. Perhaps in the future I will make a selection of scans of images taken with an analog camera. My first digital camera was a Sony Mavica, and after that I have had several small sensor cameras, like the Fuji Finepix F601, Canon ixus 40, ixus 800IS, ixus 100IS, Olympus SP550UZ and some others. In 2007 I got a Canon 7D, but because of the bulkiness I switched soon to the 100D, then the M3, Olympus Stylus and Olympus Pen E-PM2 which later I traded in for a Panasonic DMC-GM5. But now my main camera is the Olympus Pen-F, a truly amazing camera. Weight and size are important considerations for me. On the other hand, as the old saying goes, the best camera is the one you are carrying with you. And that is not always a camera, but the iPhone. However, although the smartphone takes decent pictures, there are too many things it won’t do. In fact I rarely find that the pictures of the smartphone show what I have been seeing.

And that’s what this website is about: the world I as I have been seeing it, my physical worldview so to speak. In the process I take quite a lot of pictures of art, especially paintings. Silly perhaps, the lighting is rarely adequate, you can’t use a tripod, and on internet you may find much better pictures. Well, in some cases that is. Anyway, I go on taking those picture, because one cannot guarantee that they will really be available in a decent quality, and they may not be free to use. I’m not using them commercially—this site isn’t—it’s just for you, dear visitor, to enjoy.

It was one day in winter that I say some nude trees making a marvellous drawing against the sky that I thought of Mondriaan, and how he made me aware of the wonder of such images. And that is what I am busy with, seeing those wonders, trying to capture them and give them back on this site.

There are photographers who create incredible images. They may lie in waiting for many hours to shoot a panther, they may get up at four o’clock to capture the sunrise, they may even climb Daulagiri or Kanchenjunga. Or they risk their lives in wars or calamities. And even if they are not going all the way they have experience, knowledge and not to forget gear that I cannot fathom. I don’t compete with them, and it’s not my living. On the other hand I have created this site because I hope to go a little beyond the level of smartphone photography, also giving access to a reasonably high resolution: Most of the common photo sites will not show more than HD (1920x1080px) and this site shows the double or UHD (4K = 3840x2160px), which many computer and tv screens can handle nowadays. Ah, perhaps you would like to know more about me?

Oh, and this site is made with WordPress using the TWoFoLD theme while some of the slideshows are prepared in JuiceboxBuilder Pro.